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Commonwealth pledges support to the Lesotho National Reforms

Commonwealth pledges support to the Lesotho National Reforms

From the Office of the Chief Executive Officer

National Reforms Transitional Office (NRTO)

 08 March 2023

The Senior Director, Strategy, Portfolio, Partnerships and Digital Division Mr Joshua Setipa and Partnerships Officer Ms Anita Collins from the Commonwealth Secretariat met with the National Reforms Transitional Office (NRTO) Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tsiu Khathibe at the NRTO offices in Maseru, Lesotho on   Friday, 3rd March 2023.  Mr. Setipa was kept abreast of the process of implementation of the  Lesotho national reforms. The Office of the Senior Director has come forth to state its unflagging support to the implementation of the reforms.

 He was updated by the National Reforms Transitional Office (NRTO) on the status of the reforms implementation process, including the  state at which the reforms’  journey is at currently.

The Commonwealth was also updated  on the ongoing briefing and consultation sessions being undertaken by the Government  of Lesotho with various stakeholders on its plan to shepherd the reforms back on track.

Some of the issues that surfaced included the contemplated structure for the implementation of the reforms and the re-tabling of the proposed Constitutional Amendment, popularly known as the Omnibus Bill in parliament.  

Mr. Setipa further pledged the Commonwealth support regarding among others, the technical expertise that would be required to ensure effective implementation of the reforms.

 He thanked the NRTO for the commitment and selflessness demonstrated towards the implementation of the national reforms.

The Commonwealth has supported the former National Reforms Authority with three technical experts in the areas of Parliamentary Affairs Sector, Anti-Corruption and Ethics area and a Legislative Drafter.

By:     Mr. Mzimkhulu Sithetho – NRTO Special Advisor Media Sector Reforms

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