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Political parties in parliament sign pledge to the national reforms process

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June 1, 2022

Fourteen (14) political party leaders represented in the National Assembly have signed a pledge to the National Reforms Process and to the passing of the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill (Omnibus Constitutional Bill). The parties further commit themselves to other related bills to be tabled before parliament for attainment of peace and stability of Lesotho. The pledge was signed on 27 May 2022.

By signing the pledge, the parties reaffirmed their commitment to the National Reforms Process, the constructive engagement and expeditious implementation of the reforms.

With this act, the parties were also assuring Basotho of their commitment to change the course of the country and to fast track the process. They were also assuring the nation that they would pass the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill and related legislative instruments before the end of June 2022.

The pledge reads in part: “…..we urge Honourable Members of Parliament to fast tract the process and pass the 11th Amendment to the constitution Bil and related legislative instruments before June 2022.”

The parties committed themselves to exercise faithfulness over the aspirations of Basotho on the Lesotho they want, which is espoused in the Multi-stakeholder Plenary II Report. This has informed the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill.

The parties declared thus: “In the true spirit of the principles underpinning the reforms process, we shall remove all the obstacles and impediments that have the potential to derail or delay the passing of the 11th Amendment to the Constitution Bill”, reads the Pledge.

The signatories to the Pledge do so recalling that there is a commitment which some of them made on 06 April 2017, together with civil society to give implementation of the National Reforms the highest priority. This was to ensure stability, security  and peace and reconciliation among the nation.

The parties also signed in full cognisance of the fact that the Government and political parties had signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the Lesotho Reforms Process on 04 July 2019. In the said MOA, the parties committed to remove all obstacles and impediments which may unreasonably delay and undermine the reform process.

The parties are fully awake to the fact that the reforms are and embodiment of the vision and aspirations of Basotho on the Lesotho they desire. The reforms, as held in high esteem by the signatories, are intended to anchor a future Lesotho that is politically stable so that every Mosotho could freely attain their aspirations.

They declare in the Pledge “……a future where all our institutions and sectors are allowed and enabled to excel and are fully accountable under democratic norms….” The pledge reads in part.

In the pledge, the political parties commend the outgoing National Reforms Authority (NRA) for the significant strides that the implementing agency has made in the implementation of the reforms under the seven thematic areas. This was within the statutory period of 12 months to eighteen months, this in accordance with the NRA Act No.04 of 2019.

Lastly, the signatories commit to adhere to the Constitution of Lesotho and the principles underpinning democracy. They state in the pledge: “…in this regard, we undertake to collectively cooperate in ensuring that the upcoming 2022 general elections scheduled for September/October are successful and that all  Basotho are afforded an opportunity to freely exercise their right to universal and equal suffrage.”

  • 30th May 2022 - A PLEDGE Signed by ALL Parties (1) pdf (307kb) [ download ]

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