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Media sector Reforms

Media reform were intended to enhance institutional, professional and legal capacities of the media sector to play an advocacy, lobbying, monitoring and checks-and-balance roles with regards to the reform process generally and the various media, information and communications fields specifically.

The reforms were also aimed at undertaking to ensure fair, consistent and robust regulation of public and private media in terms of ownership and/or management as well as content production and dissemination in manner that promotes independent and pluralistic media underpinned openness and transparency without breaching societal and individual values:


Policy and legal measures will be put in place to ensure fair distribution of national media resources such as frequency spectrums,

There shall be clear distinctions between the policy roles of the government and bodies established to oversee regulatory functions in the media sector,

Reforms will be undertaken to ensure that the citizenry enjoy internationally recognized media freedoms through policy and legal mechanisms including but not be limited to media freedoms including conventional and digital media, access to information and freedom of information,

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